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FullTimeFurs is a community dedicated to the education of furries in the business world (Others are welcome to join!) Learn from others and share your own knowledge when it comes to wheeling and dealing in the furry fandom and the world beyond.

Some may accuse this community of 'selling out' or 'being greedy'. However, we are just people just trying to pay our bills, pay our rent and feed our families/pets, just like anyone else. Trust me, none of us are a greedy, billion dollar a year corporation. And remember guys, don't feed the trolls!

When you join, please, feel free to make an introduction post! However, please make it more than one or two sentences. Tell us about yourself, what you do, what kind of business you have/plan to have, the conventions you attend and show us what you have to offer! We'd love to see your work!

Advertising your products/auctions/galleries/services is allowed, however we ask that you limit your advertisement posts to one per product/service per week. This will be enforced as this community is primarily for educational purposes, not advertising.

All members must be approved before posting. I will not approve users with no posts, no profile info, no icon, etc so if you make an LJ specifically just to join, you'll need to get fully set up before I approve your membership!